I graduated from Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art with a degree in 
Graphic Design and proceeded to embark on a 35 year career in design. 
As a graphic designer, my role was to provide a solution to a customer's 
specific problem using various visual mediums. I loved working on a diverse 
set of these corporate-based challenges, using graphic means to communicate a sometimes complicated message. 

Then I viewed my first encaustic painting, shown at a local museum, and 
things changed! I was totally captivated and inspired by the flexibility, the 
creativity of this medium, the translucent surface of the paintings. At that 
point, I totally committed myself to exploring this exciting new medium. 

In some cases I choose to translate my stories through the universally 
recognizable image of the human body. My art communicates to the viewer 
by presenting an abstract design and, looking further, a recognizable 
human form emerges with it's own emotional context.

I also use the flexibility of encaustic to capture the uniqueness of my subjects 
in the series of portraits. Portraits are available on commission. 

Although working as a designer my entire career, I feel I am emerging as a 
new and different artist through discovery and creativity as I strive to tell 
a story using the encaustic medium. A story that marvels at the sights, senses, 
and emotions we all share but experience in different ways.